Investing in California

Posted by Doug on April 15, 2011
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Ever since most of us were children, we have come to revere California as a land  of hopes and dreams. From the days of Saved by the Bell and the magical trips to Sea World and Disney, California and it’s temperate and sunny weather have become something that many of us dream about. If you have been waiting to hit the coast, it’s time to turn your ‘California dreaming’ to reality, and here are five great places to start.

Napa, California, or what is commonly referred to as wine country, is located in the northern district of California. Napa boasts some of the finest vineyards in the world. The numerous wineries located in this gorgeous town are abundant and give the area it’s charm and history. The wine tasting tours can be a real joy to sample and provide plenty of culture and history to boot. Some of these vineyards are home to families who have been in the wine making business generations and you can feel the pride and the history in each visit.

San Francisco has got to be one of the hottest California destinations to travel to. The wide variety of cultures and industry makes for a fantastic show of diversity. China town located in downtown San Francisco boasts some of the best Asian cuisine around. The numerous shops are a treasure trove for any visitor to see. Getting around in San Francisco can be half the fun as everywhere you turn there is a cable car to ride. Fantastic fun at its best!

Sacramento is another destination also located in the northern valley of California and full of history. Old town Sacramento located next to the Sacramento River is chucked full of specialty shops and built around buildings that date back to the early 1800s. A short walk from old town and you arrive at the K Street Mall boasting every department store one could want. This is truly shopper’s paradise. A short jump across the street and you are at the capital. Now this is a site to behold. The white Gothic looking capital building fills a large space surrounded by trees that date hundreds of years in age. History is conveyed well and brought to the visitor’s eyes by taking a fantastic tour of this building.

Big Sur is best known as the home of the California Redwoods. Some of these trees are two thousand years old. Located along the coast one can experience nature at its best. The smell of the ocean nestled with the giant Redwoods can be breath taking. There are numerous trails for the hiker and the nature lover to find breath taking.

Truckee is a place that is a must-see destination. The town of Truckee finds its roots in the California gold rush era. Truckee seen an onslaught of mining and the lumber industry thrived during the early eighteen hundreds and late nineteen hundreds. The town boasting small western like themed shops, auto stores offering wheel and tire deals, and board walk type causeways are awesome. The history is labeled all over the town the main theme being Gold. Gold was the chief source of income for most that came to this booming town in the early eighteen hundreds. There are many interesting shops along Truckee’s downtown main street.