West Coast Weather Affects Lifestyle

Posted by Doug on April 14, 2013
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The weather on the west coast is much warmer than other parts of the country, which comes with advantages as well as disadvantages.

The warm weather affects people’s mindsets, lifestyles and their attitude. Many people enjoy the warmer weather as it allows them to be more active and to be outdoors more often. The warmth also puts people in a better mood as there is typically more sunshine during the day. The people who are more active are generally healthier and tend to have higher levels of self esteem.

The heat changes the way people eat, exercise, and the clothing that they wear. The warm weather generally leads to a smaller appetite and typically when it is hot people do not want to eat heavy foods. Most west coast dwellers tend to eat leaner meats, more fresh vegetables, and fruit. Grilling is also very common on the west coast as it is a healthier way to cook compared to frying. When the weather is warm, people want to be outside and they go to the park to play or go for walk rather than watching television. The exercise level is higher because the weather is more pleasant on the west coast.

While the heat has many advantages, it also has its disadvantages. During the middle of the summer when it is blazing hot outside, houses and cars heat up and can lead to discomfort and dehydration. Air conditioning bills can become very pricey in the summer and a great way to keep a house cool is to install blinds. Blinds will block out the sunlight which heats up the room and will prevent furniture from fading. Installing new blinds does not have to be expensive either, many blind companies offer deals, for example, Next Day Blinds has coupon deals which can be accessed online.

A great way to keep a car cool is to buy windshield shades and to put them up when leaving the car in the sun. Also it is a good idea to carry around a refillable water bottle, like a Camelbak, so as not to get dehydrated during the day.

The west coast is a beautiful place to live and has many advantages. Although it does have some disadvantages they are not difficult to adapt to.

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Effective Interventions

Posted by Doug on February 16, 2011
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Drug and alcohol addiction seems to be a never ending problem in American society. In spite of the ongoing “War on Drugs,” use and abuse of narcotics , non-prescription drugs, and alcohol, continues to grow.

Addiction has far reaching effects on society. The addict faces medical, financial, and relationship problems. Impaired driving and working leads to accidents, injuries, and even deaths. Crime rates go up, which translates to higher costs to maintain the criminal justice and penal systems which makes taxes go up.

There is never an easy to solution to something as complex as the problems associated with drug abuse. However, it is possible to do things to affect individual addicts. Getting an addict to end their habit and seek treatment is the purpose of interventions.

Effective intervention programs bring together the addict with his family, co-workers, and friends. These are the people who are most directly effected by the addiction and who care about the addict’s health and well-being. A good intervention is going to be overseen by a qualified professional, usually associated with a rehab center or program. They will facilitate the intervention so that each participate gets the chance to speak about how the addiction has impacted their relationship with the addict and how concerned they are for his health. As the addict begins to accept responsibility for the consequences of his actions on their friends, he should become willing to seek treatment. The effective intervention ends with the addict enrolling in a rehab program.


Gastric bypass surgery

Posted by Doug on July 15, 2009
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Weight loss surgery is major and not something that should be taken lightly or without the proper recommendation from a doctor. People who have gastric bypass surgery are those who have to use the surgery as a last resort for significant weight loss.

People who are morbidly obese sometimes have gastric sleeve surgery before proceeding onto gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately, gastric sleeve cost is a completely different expense then an eventual gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric bypass is the preferred weight loss surgery in the United States. Doctors believe gastric bypass surgery is the one with the least complications.  Gastric bypass requires that its patients make significant lifestyle changes.  Gastric bypass surgery is where the stomach is stapled across the top so it becomes sealed off from the rest of your stomach.

This allows only for about an ounce of food to be held in the walnut-sized pouch. This allows for the food to bypass your stomach, hence then name of the surgery, and the food, instead goes straight into the small intestine. This allows for fewer calories to be absorbed, resulting in weight loss.

Gastric bypass surgery can be performed by opening up the entire stomach, which is the traditional method for the surgery. Now more often the surgery is being performed or laparoscopically. Doing the surgery laparoscopically usually makes for a shorter hospital stay because it is far less invasive.  However, not everyone can have the less invasive type of surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery might be the most common form of weight loss surgery in the United States, but it is also among the most expensive. That is why medical tourism, Mexico, usually based surgery is becoming more and more popular.

By having gastric bypass Mexico based surgery most patients are able to save a lot of money compared to what they would pay for the procedure in the United States.

Read about gastric bypass surgery and other surgeries covered by medical tourism on this site.

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