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Addiction and the Suburbs

As the US comes to terms with the current epidemic of opioid addiction it is now very clear that addiction is no longer Heroin Epidemicconfined to specific areas of high drug use, crack houses and street users. The current epidemic is touching all walks of life. It is fair to say that it always has but proportionately we are now seeing Opioid addiction spreading to the most affluent and conservative neighborhoods. In this article from Drug Rehab Comparison.  This alarming and tragic epidemic was started in our own doctor’s offices aided and abetted by the pharmaceutical companies for profit motives.  The article describes the horrible trend from pain killers to heroin addiction and describes the huge challenge we now face in dealing with it.

There is medication for the treatment of opioid addiction but in some States that is in short supply.  Whatever way you look at it this problem is not going away any time soon and no suburban neighborhood is drug free or “safe” from the horrors of this life threatening addiction.


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