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Checking the Investment Condition of Used Cars

When looking for a used sports car for sale, one should take about thirty to forty minutes to look over the body of a car. One should look at the condition of the body and the interior of the vehicle. The way in which these aspects of the car have been cared for by the previous owner will give one an idea of how they may have taken car of the engine of the car as well. Rust is an element that will continue to reappear on a car once it has taken hold. Corrosion even when repaired will continue. And if there is rust along the body, on the doors or the fenders, most likely there is corrosion in the undercarriage of the car which would be extremely costly in the long run and could even make the car a hazard to drive. The lines of the body should be perfectly solid and straight. If there are ripples along the body, or if the paint looks to be different in any way, either in the color or in the shine, this can be and indication of repairs made following and accident. Also indicative of an accident is the width of the gaps between the panels of the body. All should be exactly the same, differences in the width of the gaps is an indicator of a car that has experienced body damage.

carThe interior of the car should also be given a close inspection. One should check the wear and tear on the seats, the upholstery, the dash board and the seat belts. If it is noticed that the seller uses an air freshener, that could mean that there is an odor in the car that may be difficult to be rid of. The trunk could also reveal previous water damage, based on the smell. If there is a mustiness to the trunk, it is not a good sign, and could mean that there is a leak. And although it sound simple, one should walk around the car, making sure that the key works in all the locks and that the doors open and close freely. Pay close attention to ensure that all of the gauges on the dashboard are in working order and that the odometer does not exhibit signs of tampering. It is wise to take the car to an Auto Zone, which will provide diagnostics on the car using their computer. These are simple visual details that will reveal a lot about how a car was cared for, and things that even those without knowledge of the mechanics or the engines of cars can look for. And if one does not know about car engines, just bring someone along when when considering the purchase of a used car.

Doug Ireland is an avid car collector and blogger. He covers motorsports as well as amateur collectors. He has written about race teams as well as individual racers like Fernando Alonso and Dario Franchitti.

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