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Your Business and Social Media

Facebook is by far one of the fastest growing sites on the web today.  And sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are not far behind.  But social media is not just for individuals looking to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, it is a great opportunity for businesses to advertise and increase their exposure.

socialAn important part of maintaining a successful business in today’s modern society is building a strong online presence.  With millions of people globally that utilize social media on a daily basis, it is a great place to start and an important part of your overall online reputation management plan.

Advertising on popular social media sites may seem like an obvious way to start, and it can be a great way to draw business, but it is even more important and beneficial to create a business account.  By creating an account your customers can stay up-to-date about changes and make recommendations for your business.  They can also pass your pass your page along to their friends.  In addition this is a great way to advertise special sales and coupons.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and iSpot are a large part of everyday life for millions of people, as a result it should be a large part of your business’ overall online reputation management strategy.

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