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Social Media and Technology in Real Estate

How to Use Social Media & Technology in Real Estate home-sold-sign-house

Social media is designed to increase exposure, develop relationships, and brand a person or a business as being an expert in their field. Technology is created to improve the efficiency and success of traditional practices. By combining social media and technology with real estate, a relator can efficiently and successfully expand their reach, strengthen the relationships they develop with buyers, and build a solid reputation in their region.

The key is learning how to use social media and technology to engage prospects and create lasting relationships. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages should be focused solely on making real connections and conversing openly with potential clients. People can be easily scared off by relators who try too hard to make a sale.

Keep Social Media Sites Social       

Facebook and Twitter should be used more to promote the successes in their client’s lives than the real estate properties that are up for sale. For example, a relator can congratulate a client on the sale of their home or post something more personal like well wishes for a client’s wedding, birth, or anniversary. People visit these sites for entertainment and personal engagement, not for sales pitches.

Social media sites like LinkedIn should be mainly used to promote testimonials and referrals from satisfied clients. It should read like a detailed resume for the real estate company while showcasing their development, growth, and past successes.

Get Googled!

Another necessary social presence for real estate is Google+. You can stay connected with buyers using Google+, ensure your customers can find you and various property locations using Google+ Local, and share housing specifications and contracts using Google Drive. All of these powerful tools and social media sites are free to join and can ultimately boost your search engine ranking.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is extremely important to help increase your visibility on search engines. Google or Yahoo is where most interested real estate sellers and buyers look first. In today’s highly competitive real estate market, a strong online presence is mandatory. If your website doesn’t appear in the top of the rankings for keywords relevant to your region, they simply won’t find your site.

Technology & Real Estate  

There are many other forms of new technology that can help relators connect with homeowners. Offering clients 360-degree rotating home tours or video presentations can enhance a real estate company’s selling power. There are also online pricing tools and relator apps specific to certain cities. Any technology that makes the real estate process more efficient and therefore more profitable is worth investing in.

Tracking Technology

One important type of technology for real estate or any other business is tracking software that shows the success of online campaigns. It is essential to determine the return on investment for different marketing and social media strategies. Google Analytics’ new Multi-Channel Funnels tool allows you to view interactions across various digital and marketing channels to analyze the number of conversions or sales generated by each social media site.

There are many realtors that still feel print advertising is the best way to get their message out and, of course, it still does work. A for-sale sign, a business card, and a listing in the local real estate section will all help spread the word about a particular property. However, social media and other new technological advancements will just help spread it further and faster than traditional print.

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