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Investing in Virginia Beach

VirginiaBeachIt might be one of the most interesting coincidences that the Europeans landed here first when they were on their way toward colonizing new worlds while trying to escape colonization. Virginia Beach is a pretty magnificent spot, as part of some of the most gorgeous shoreline in the country. The Atlantic Ocean never looked so good, and the histories of the lives that have crossed and been lost to the waters are endlessly fascinating. Today, it is a magnificent spot for vacationers, with a myriad of possibilities for enjoyment and recreation.

With a wealth of registered historic places, the legacies of many famous people like Edgar Cayce, and the spectacular cornucopia of nature available for vacationing pleasure, it is really no wonder it’s such a popular spot. There are a couple hundred parks here, in the largest city in Virginia, and they all offer special kinds of outdoor pleasures for the visitors. It’s also almost impossible to miss the opportunities to enjoy the boardwalk, and the giant statue of Neptune is a traditional spot to snap photos. There are plenty of photo-ops here, of course.

On the North Landing River, disc golf enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy Munden Point Park . There is a disc golf course that runs through the 100 acres, along with ball fields and basketball courts, and certainly there are playgrounds as well. There is even an outdoor amphitheater available for special events, and visitors can rent kayaks. From your Virginia Beach cheap hotel to a lovely park, this is a great vacation in the making.

However, if the water is really your idea of fun, then make sure to set some time aside for First Landing State Park . Here you can swim in Chesapeake Bay, but keep in mind there are no lifeguards. There are also lots and lots of trails that are perfect for hiking. This is the most visited park in the state, so there will no doubt be chances to meet with other visitors and locals who are pulled toward enjoying all that there is to offer here. There is camping here, too, but necessary to call ahead, and it is primitive.

For deeper adventures, in a park that’s famous for shipwrecks, there’s False Cape State Park. This is a landlocked wildlife refuge, so there’s no driving into the park or near it. It looks like a cape, and there were many instances where ships turned in, only to find they were sinking, having misestimated the depth of the water. There are plenty of great hikes here, as well, and all of these give a fair and broad picture of what Virginia Beach is all about.

Maggie Honore is a local writer who blogs about Virginia destinations, news, and companies like Virginia Beach AC.

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