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The Importance of Software For Realtors

managersMost businesses these days have to deal with customer complaints.  This is true for realtors too!  These complaints come in many forms and from many different types of customers. How your business handles these customer complaints can seriously impact your success.  Should you rely on your lead management software?

Many companies now actively seek proactive customer complaints usually by automating with complaint handling software.  They do not wait for the customer to complain, but actively ask for customer feedback.  Companies that are pro active using complaints management software usually try to identify the type of customer that is complaining.  This helps them to respond in an appropriate way to each category of customer.

computerHow do you actively seek customer complaints?  There is in fact one official complaint for every 25 that have never been received into the business.  These customers deal with their dissatisfaction in their own way – usually by taking their business elsewhere.Customer focused quality using a complaint management system makes every effort to ensure that each every customer has the opportunity to communicate their complaints.No complaints is not necessarily good….it can mean that customers do not have an opportunity to complain.

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