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Important Questions to Ask a Landlord When Viewing an Apartment

After viewing several apartment units on a site such as, visiting a number of towns, conducting several inquiries over the net, going through frequent exchange of emails, phone calls, and multiple sessions on price negotiation, you have finally arrived at a decision. You have chosen the apartment unit that you have been trying to find in weeks. You want to have the unit reserved as soon as possible, to make sure that no else gets to the sign the lease before you do. Finding a good apartment is in fact quite a tedious process. But before you place your signature on that dotted line, there are still some questions that you might want to address to your landlord before finalizing. Here are some of these vital questions:

1.    Questions related to rent

Aside from asking the amount for monthly rent, you will also need to ask what other fees and charges apply. Will you be covering maintenance fees for electrical, plumbing, and other repairs that are caused by wear and tear? You will also need to ask the duration of the term. If you decide to renew your lease, how much increase will be applied? Or once you decide to leave how much of the advance and down payment should stay with the landlord and how much can you consume? Which fees on repairs and cleaning should be deducted from your down payment once you decide to leave before end of contract? If in case you don’t get to consume the minimum term, what will happen to your advance and down payment?

2.    Electrical, plumbing, and other utility outlets

This is an aspect that is often overlooked when deciding. One should also ask the landlord features and specifications related to electrical, plumbing, and other utilities such as cable and internet outlets that way you will know which service providers to avail of and how to plan and organize your space. Details such as electrical outlets and plumbing contribute a huge factor also when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Make sure that your landlord has already sought the service of professionals to check on these aspects before you move in.

3.    Safety

Safety precautions should also be looked into. You need to as the landlord the location of fire escape, smoke alarm, and fire extinguishers. Also inquire on the safety and security of the neighborhood.

4.    Maintenance and repairs

You should also ask your landlord which aspects and features of your apartment unit are covered for maintenance and repairs. How many times a year should they inspect basic features of your apartment? Will pest and termite control be part of their maintenance scope? What other maintenance features are included or are offered as built-in costs in your contract of lease?

5.    Parking, parking fees, guests, visitors, and number of tenants or occupants

If your apartment does not include a covered or separate parking space, where will it be most advisable for you to park you vehicles? Will this entail additional cost? If you have guests, where can your guests park as well? Are there any restrictions when it comes to entertaining guests and visitors? Will the number of occupants be limited only to what is stated in the contract or can friends and relatives stay in the unit for several days or weeks?


  1. James

    The part that always confuses me is maintenance, my landlord was never really clear on what is cover and what isnt, I would definitely clarify this prior to moving in next time.

  2. Sally

    Im concerned about the safety aspects of my apartment, there are no listed fire plans on any of the walls nor directions, is this a violation?

  3. Judy Harper

    This is a very well detailed article, with some great tips, I will be sure to use it for future reference.


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