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Positive Trends for Florida Real Estate

The past several years have been tough for most industries but especially real estate. It has been hit harder and longer than most so any signs of improvement are much appreciated. One state in particular that has taken significant losses is Florida; however real estate experts and land developers have seen growth and signs that things may be turning around.

One project that has people excited is a private rail project ” All Aboard Florida”. Set to be complete in 2014, it will have lines running from Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Miami; which will also be a great benefit for those visiting the state. While staying in one of the hotels at they can hop on the train and visit one of the other great cities. The whole press release is available to read here.


  1. June

    I to have friends in Florida and will be sharing this article with them, thanks for the quality information.

  2. Simmy

    Id much prefer to live in Florida than California, Florida is a beautiful city.

  3. Thomas

    The private rail project will connect more areas to the city and it will be hugely beneficial to commuters.

  4. PaulM

    I would love to have something like that next time I visit there. It’d make it much cheaper than having to rent a car. I could spend that $$$ on drinks on the beach.

  5. Elizabeth

    This does sound like a great idea. That state has a very odd shape, which takes forever to drive from one end to the other in a regular car.

  6. Lizzzphoto

    Nothing like a cool urban project like this to spruce up the communities around a state like Florida.

  7. Brandy862

    This is great news! I will have to forward this blog to family I have in Florida.


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