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5 Coffee Houses in San Diego That Are Worth Checking Out

When it comes to coffee houses, San Diego has its fair share. From Lestat’s Coffee House to the Old Gallery Coffee House, there are many great coffee houses in San Diego to visit! Enjoy a hot cup of coffee while you take a morning walk on the beach. If you are visiting the area and don’t know your way around, here are 5 coffee houses in the San Diego area worth checking out.

1. Lestat’s Coffee House
Few coffee houses in San Diego can compare to Lestat’s Coffee House. Besides featuring live music, Lestat’s Coffee House also boasts some of the best coffee around. Popular beverages include the White Espresso Mocha and the traditional House Coffee. In addition to featuring high-quality coffee, this coffee house also boasts some of the best food around. Lestat’s Coffee House is located at 3343 Adams Avenue.

2. Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse
If you like books as much as you like coffee, a visit to the Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse is a must! This particular coffee house has been around for 20 years or so and is very popular among San Diego’s locals. In addition to coffee and books, Upstart Crow also sells pies, cakes and assorted pastries. If you’re only able to visit one coffee house in San Diego, make it this one! The Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse is located at 835C West Harbor Drive, in Seaport Village.

3. Rebecca’s Coffeehouse
If you’re looking to visit a cozy, laid-back coffee house, you’re not going to want to miss Rebecca’s Coffeehouse. Located at 3015 Juniper Street, Rebecca’s Coffeehouse is a great place to meet friends, make new friends, and drink coffee! In addition to serving coffee, Rebecca’s Coffeehouse also offers specialty sandwiches and vegetarian fare.

4. Javanican Coffee House
The hip Javanican Coffee House is another popular coffee house in San Diego worth checking out. Unbeknownst to many people, the Javanican Coffee House was one of San Diego’s first established coffee houses. Besides being well-known for its frequent live music performances, the Javanican Coffee House is also well-known for its organic coffee. The Javanican Coffee House is located at 4338 Cass Street.

5. Old Gallery Coffee House
Besides featuring a great location, the Old Gallery Coffee House also boasts a great selection of coffee to choose from. Like the Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse, the Old Gallery Coffee House is very popular with the locals. If you want to beat the crowds, try planning your visit after breakfast. The Old Gallery Coffee House is located at 641 B Street.

If you enjoy visiting these coffee houses and want to take this gourmet coffee taste home, you may want to look into purchasing a Keuirg machine which will allow you to brew your favorite coffees one cup at a time so you don’t waste a single drop!

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  1. Lizzzphoto

    I love my Keurig machine. I hate making an entire pot just for me. I got a chance to go to Rebecca’s when there recently. Really great vibe.


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