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5 Ways to Save Money at Your California Beach Home

It is no secret that living in a beach house is costly and is often seen as only an option  for the affluent. Whats more, if you are intending to live in a beach house in California, which is considered as one of the most expensive places to live, it can be a wonderfully privileged lifestyle, even though it is admittedly pricey. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can save up on your dream home near the beach and enjoy the breathtaking California sunset.

Read on as we discuss the 5 best ways to save money for your California beach house.

1. The first step in saving money for your dream beach home in California starts by reducing your monthly expenses.
Cut back on unnecessary miscellaneous expenses. Although it isn’t noticeable, little miscellaneous fees can greatly reduce your savings per month if it accumulates. A simple money saving trick you can use is to order water when you are eating at fancy restaurants. Free ice water can be requested when eating outdoors instead of those expensive yet regular sodas and other beverages that you usually accompany your meals with when eating out with your family or friends at a restaurant. Another way to save money wisely is to reduce your trips or night-outs with your family. Although it is important to spend quality time with them, you should minimize it to once or twice per month in order to save more money for your future home. Additionally, though admittedly this is a difficult one for many of us, cut back on unnecessary shopping. Also, be sure you are getting the best rates on insurance by checking in with sites like Policy Expert.


2. You should canvass houses in advance in order to plan the budget for the home you wish to buy.
It isn’t ideal to shop for viable options of a house to invest in in only a short period of time. This may result in the purchased property to be of less value to you as well as does not appeal that well to your individual preference.

3.  When canvassing for a house, assess the condition of the property from top to bottom.
Look for significant damages or imperfections of the house that may be passed on to you as a liability you will have to compensate for. If the house is severely damaged from its interior walls to its exterior layout, then look for another one that is in mint condition in order to save up on repair and replacement expenses.

4. When you’ve already bought the place but is still financially held up by loans and credit card debts you’ve accumulated over the past few months of your struggle to save for the house, you can save up a significant amount of cash by modifying your lifestyle.
For example, instead of buying paper napkins and towels for home use, buy heavy-duty rags that can last for longer periods of time. This will save you a hefty amount of money.

5. You should make it a point to regularly assess your home’s condition.
It is imperative that you do regular cleanings in order to restore your home and to fix parts before it goes beyond fixing.


  1. Susan72

    That first tip is very savvy. It’s amazing how much the cost of drinks have gone up in the last few years. I used to indulge in a glass or two of wine with dinner, which used to be about $5 a glass for the midlevel stuff. Now it’s at least $8 a glass! And I don’t even live in an expensive place like California!

  2. Current

    Even though it may be a costly investment, there has never been s better time to buy. And eventually the values will go back up; putting more money back in your pocket.


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