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Effective Interventions

Drug and alcohol addiction seems to be a never ending problem in American society. In spite of the ongoing “War on Drugs,” use and abuse of narcotics , non-prescription drugs, and alcohol, continues to grow.

Addiction has far reaching effects on society. The addict faces medical, financial, and relationship problems. Impaired driving and working leads to accidents, injuries, and even deaths. Crime rates go up, which translates to higher costs to maintain the criminal justice and penal systems which makes taxes go up.

There is never an easy to solution to something as complex as the problems associated with drug abuse. However, it is possible to do things to affect individual addicts. Getting an addict to end their habit and seek treatment is the purpose of interventions.

Effective intervention programs bring together the addict with his family, co-workers, and friends. These are the people who are most directly effected by the addiction and who care about the addict’s health and well-being. A good intervention is going to be overseen by a qualified professional, usually associated with a rehab center or program. They will facilitate the intervention so that each participate gets the chance to speak about how the addiction has impacted their relationship with the addict and how concerned they are for his health. As the addict begins to accept responsibility for the consequences of his actions on their friends, he should become willing to seek treatment. The effective intervention ends with the addict enrolling in a rehab program.

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