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Content vs. Location

It’s interesting how everyone buzzes about Facebook and Twitter these days. The services are touted as the only way to reach consumers under the age of 30. If a company doesn’t have a Fan Page and at least one centralized Twitter account like, they are being left behind.

The reality is a bit more complicated than that. It’s not so much about where you go as what you have to offer. If your tweets are simply stock quotes and links to your official press releases, no one is going to care. If your Fan Page only has official company announcements and more press release language, you’re not going to get many fans. People , over or under 30, want content — and they want it in as many formats as possible.

A Fan Page that includes insider photos, sneak peeks at new ad campaigns, games, contests and opportunities for the fans to generate their own content won’t just sell widgets, it will create widget advocates. Tweets that make people smile, laugh, or even get them worked up about a shared enemy will build a following that can be translated into a community of loyal customers.

And it should start with Facebook and Twitter — not stop there. You don’t have to be a company targeting 18-25 year olds to create a YouTube channel, or have great photos on Flickr. You’ll want to integrate everything with your blog and main website. Just make sure that the content that you’re spreading around is something people want to see — and to share with others.

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