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Commitment to a Better Life

Oklahoma City Cavalry had a fantastic run here from 1990-1997.  It’s been reincarnated as the Lawton-Fort Sill Cavalry, and won a second CBA championship in 2009, by a shot that was decided in overtime.  It’s difficult to know what the future will bring to this basketball team, or for any of us, but Mary Myrick is making splendid efforts to pave the way for brighter horizons.  The Oklahoma City Cavs were among her first clients when she started Public Strategies Inc. also in 1990, and they’ve had quite a run over the past two decades as well.  Their strengths are many, and they are dedicated to improving the life of the communities here.

They do have offices in DC, Texas, and Colorado, but the organization started in Oklahoma City, and its operations here are focused on serving the local neighborhoods.  They work with a variety of clients, both in the public and in the private sectors, and they strive to meet the client’s goals with excellence and efficiency.  There are over 150 team members at Public Strategies, reflecting a diversity of cultures and professional expertise, and these qualities help to insure great results.  They work in many public sector services, such as education, criminal justice, and child welfare.  Looking out for the future for the generations that will follow us is a main concern, and it’s demonstrated on all levels of the organization.

One of the most visible demonstrations of this concern for the future is Mary Myrick’s Smart car.  The sour green apple vehicle is very small, but it’s impossible to miss among the gas-guzzlers that crawl the streets of Oklahoma City.  Her car is enormously fuel efficient, and the emissions are ultra-low, demonstrating a concern for the environment, and the health of the planet.  The Smart car is ecologically conscious on all levels of production.  The paint is even water-soluble, and the materials are all recyclable.  It’s one demonstration of a commitment to better life here, and it’s a demonstration that really shines.

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