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Gender Specific Teaching Styles in Independent Schools in Northumberland and Throughout the World

There are many differences to the way men and women view and interpret the world around them, and such is true obviously of boys and girls.  This has a strong impact in the classroom, and teachers and administrators in independent schools in Northumberland, the UK and throughout the world are addressing this fact more than ever.  Now that it is a scientific fact that the anatomy of such senses, sight, and hearing and emotional response to the environment are anatomically, biologically different, the worry that it is a social or politically incorrect move to have some class coed and some gender specific, the benefits will fall on the children.  Boys and girls eyes are constructed differently, boys go for movement and girls focus on what is still.  This affects the way that the teacher should move around the room, simple but true.  Another way they differ is in the way the aural structure of the ear is ‘built’.

When someone raises their voice, a girl student will tend to hear it as yelling, signifying that they, or someone else just got in trouble.  For boys, no.  The female ear hears at a higher frequency, and is thus more sound sensitive.  Those teaching girl pupils should remain calm, talking relatively lower on the sound scale, while with boys the more enthusiastic and even excited one becomes, one captures and holds their attention.  Girls will respond to phrases of descriptions, to presentations in color and detail oriented.  Boys are also more attentive if they are moving around, there nervous system is built such that by staying in motion the blood flow increases in their brains and, they remain focused.  Girls on the other hand, when girls feel certain movements as a confrontational situation or a threat, the blood goes to their bellies and they feel nervous, decreasing their focus.  Girls work best seated and calm.  Boys love to take risks, sometimes beyond their ability level, whereas girls will often pass on the risks, and therefore miss out on all that they can achieve.  Learning should be maximized, and gender specific classes seek to do just that.

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