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Americans and their vehicles

Everyone has a car that they wish they could have. And the one that you pick really does say a lot about you. Are you more in the classic vein? Say a 1965 Mustang, or do you dream of a car with big rims, and Escalade with televisions and an Xbox in the backseat?

Or perhaps you just dream of having a new car. Generally, Americans replace their cars more often then they replace their mattress. Doesn’t that say a lot about us as a society, ha!

These days with all of the focus on the environment and environmental issues, Americans are being told that they need to buy smaller cars. Not only because of the environment but after last summer’s record high gas prices, a glimpse into the future shows that cars with 20” rims may not be the soundest investment.

But, Americans have never skimped on their creature comforts. We are a culture that is obsessed with customization, from our cell phones to our cars. We want the custom wheels, we want a little bit of a chance to stand out.

The most apparent example of this the cars that are manufactured by Scion. The cars can be completely customized and start in varying price ranges. The price goes up based on the customizations that the purchaser requires or desires.

No matter what your dream car is, or the car that you drive now, it can say a lot about how you are feeling toward the environment and the issues with gasoline.

Americans drive bigger cars because the roads allow it. Roads were not built in Europe for SUVs and if you have ever seen a Smart Car driving in a busy intersection in the United States, one cannot help but wonder how that car would fare in an accident with a Ford Excursion.

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