Feb 04

Elizabeth Mann’s Phoenix Mart to Add 7900 Jobs to Arizona Economy

The Arizona economy is soon to get a healthy boost in job creation.  Phoenix Mart, developed by Elizabeth Mann, is currently under construction in Casa Grande, AZ.  Located halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, this global commerce center is expected to bring 7,900 – 10,000 new jobs to the area.

PhoenixMart-entry-sign-logoThe idea of a commerce center has been utilized successfully in China, France, and Dubai.  Phoenix Mart will be a 1.7- million-square-foot “permanent trade show.”  It will house over 2,000 businesses under one roof. Each company, whether wholesaler, distributor, retail, or service, will have their own showroom designed to attract domestic and international buyers.… Read the rest

Dec 22

Housing Forecast for 2015

Looking to buy or sell a house in the New Year?  Experts may disagree on the exact numbers, but they all seem to be forecasting a rosy 2015 for residential real estate.  The housing market is expected to continue its recovery, though perhaps at a slower pace than in 2014.

New Homes

New HomesPredictions vary significantly on new home sales.  Realtor.com estimates that 2015 will see a 25% increase over 2014 while the National Association of Home Builders predicts an increase of 28%.  These numbers are conservative when compared to the prediction of the National Association of Realtors, which believes the US will see a 41% jump in new home sales. … Read the rest

Oct 20

Investing in Medical Tourism

As health care costs have continued to rise in the US and other industrialized nations, medical tourism has become the boom industry of the 21st century.  As patients rush to website like this that offer information on foreign medical treatment, investors are wondering how they can cash in on this cash cow.

Why Invest in Medical Tourism?

foreign hospitalThere are no hard and fast numbers for the impact of medical tourism on the global economy, due to the large number of independent industries, facilities, and countries involved.  Some reports estimate that over 10 million people seek treatment in another country each year and that that number will grow to 15 million within a few years. … Read the rest

Feb 26

Americans on the Move: 2013 Population Migration

Americans are on the move, and coming to a state near you. In 2013, a top moving company called United Van Lines performed a survey that measured the amount of citizens moving in and out of each individual state. This is not a newly designed survey. United Van Lines has been tracking and calculating inbound and outbound moves through America for the thirty-seven years. The results of the 2013 survey provide insight into various housing markets, and for some states, there are definitive reasons behind the loss or gain of population. Read on for a look at U.S. Migration in 2013, and see which states’ populations are decreasing in numbers while others are flourishing.… Read the rest

Feb 20

Organizing Real Estate Records Digitally

Keeping digital files of your real estate records is a safe, green, and ever-increasingly reliable way to maintain important documents indefinitely. Better still, the right system makes everything searchable and easily accessible. The hardest part of any task is knowing where to start, so here is a step-by-step guide to getting all your relevant files prioritized, organized and, finally, digitized.

1. Figure out what documents you need

Odds are, if you worked with a realtor to find your house, there were a large number of emails exchanged, documents that you were asked to look over, perhaps sign and return. Some of it you will need to retain, other pieces can be safely discarded.… Read the rest

Feb 06

Liberty Station – San Diego

Liberty Station is a 361-acre project that involves the conversion of San Diego’s former Naval Training Center into a self-contained community that will include residences, offices, a retail center, an educational district, a large arts and cultural center, a number of hotels, and 125 acres of parks and open space. The project site is rigidly zoned to separate each of the uses into their own homogeneous districts.

The development is very favorably situated on a waterfront location just west of the airport and only a few miles from downtown San Diego. The project is notable for its renovation of dozens of historical buildings that will be adapted for stores, offices, art and dance studios, schools, and a myriad of other purposes.… Read the rest

Feb 03

US Communities with Highest Property Taxes

Home owners can’t seem to catch a break in the U.S. Property taxes are crippling home owners’ finances and budgets across the country and are having an effect on commercial property investment. Some communities have definitely been hit hard than others, though. The majority of U.S. counties require a property tax bill between $500-$1500 annually.  Sadly, that amount is nothing compared to the tax bill required in some U.S. counties. Read on for a look at some of the communities with the highest property taxes in the country.

New York at nightNew York

New York has one of the highest property taxes in the United States.… Read the rest

Dec 29

Best Cities for Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate is a huge market that generates billions of dollars worldwide.  The global research team Cushman and Wakefield present an annual report that examines commercial real estate; in which they write where the most investing happened in the past year and where the investing is likely to occur in the following year.  According to the report, in 2013 the top ten biggest cities for commercial real estate investing were as follows: New York City, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, San Francisco, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Paris, Houston and Chicago.  The report continues to rank 15 more cities worldwide.  Although unlisted, within the report the research team examines the top 100 cities to look at trends of commercial real estate investing. … Read the rest

Nov 22

Top Real Estate Mutual Funds

With the Dow Jones topping 16,000, more investors are looking to the stock market for new opportunities.  Some are realizing that the economic recovery has begun to revitalize the real estate market as well as other parts of the economy.  This is making real estate mutual funds attractive to savvy investors for the first time since the mortgage crash in 2007-2008.

NYSEExperts note that real estate is usually a good investment, in terms of mutual funds, because property prices are actually less volatile than general stock prices.  This makes them a relatively stable investment and a number of analysts recommend that real estate funds be a part of any healthy, diversified portfolio.… Read the rest

Oct 17

Learning About Investments Online

The digital age is revolutionizing education — and not just because there are online universities for those seeking a degree. All sorts of knowledge is now being shared through streaming and downloaded video.

Many people are finding the lessons available at khanacademy.com to be useful not just for helping their children with homework, but for refreshing or expanding their own knowledge base. Adults who want to know the difference between stocks and bonds can view this video – or watch dozens of other stock-related videos on the site:

Bonds vs. Stocks: The difference between a bond and a stock.
Read the rest

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